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Westminster ST330BL "LAW SUIT" Stratocaster copy. Made in Japan. Build in the late '70s/early '80s.
Vintage Matsumoku origin Strat guitar. Maple fingerboard. Bighead stock, just like the Fender '68 Strat. Condition 8/10.

Price: RM999

Hisonus SG Copy. High quality finish with Triple Humbuckers. Set-neck. Produced in the 70's !!! Made in Japan. Vintage tone and you must try it out! Manufacture by Chushin Gakki.

Price: RM2000

Legend Stratocaster copied. Year 1999. Made in Japan.
Condition 9/10.
Price: SOLD

Liberty vintage Semi-hollow. Produced in the year 60's !!! Bolt-neck. Made in Japan.Vintage tone and vintage white~ You must try this out!
Condition: 8/10
Price : SOLD

Guyatone Semi-Hollow equipped with P-90s copied pickups. Made in Japan. Produced in year 70's!!!
Excellent tone, consider as vintage Semi Acoustic guitars, suitable for blues and jazz music. MUST try it out!
All parts are original + stock! Condition 9/10

Zamir from PutraJaya

Teisco SG-copy. Manufacture in the 60's!!! Made in Japan. Quality finishing. Bolt neck. Teisco vintage Humbuckers.
Electronic parts is all problem free original, but dings and dangs at the body.Condition: 8/10.

Price: SOLD to Akbar from KL

Bill Brother Bass. Made in Japan.
From the 80s. Condition 8/10.

Price: SOLD

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